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AllAboutBollywood.in is the latest bolywood news portal covering the latest in bollywood right from the light gossip to the hottest debated issues. It covers the lives and lifestyles of stars, the business of bollywood,  the  new and upcoming newcomers to the celebrated A – listers. The portal covers not only the latest in bollywood but the latest in all the regional cinema news and Hollywood. The content is divided into various sub-sections leading the user to read the content of choice with minimal navigation.

News & Gossip
Covers the latest in news right from the juicy gossips of make ups and break ups to the serious business of bollywood news.
Latest Movies
Covers the next releases, the reviews of  upcoming movies, trailers and trending celebrities across the web. The section covers in depth the latest stories, behind the scenes and trivalia which is of interest to the discerning audience of AllABoutBollywood.in
The Next Gen  & star Kids
The star kids of today are much more professional than those of yesteryears. They are much more disciplined and work hard towards achieving success. The new comers who are stark outsiders are also working hard to garner flash lights in the tinsel town. The stories around this new crop makes for an interesting read which is covered in this section.
We all want the sneak peak in the lifestyle of our icons. There fashion, health & fitness, the hot wheels they drive and various other nuances of a celebrity life. The photo  gallery captures it all giving the much sought after sneak peek in the celebrity lives.
This section  covers the most trending celebrity of the week and covers any special events of the current day and week.
Around the World covers the entertainment news across the globe and Regional Cinema covers the news from the booming movie industry be it Kollywood, Mollywood, Sandalwood or Tollywood.